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Nores vs Greek Essay Example For Students

Nores versus Greek Essay Greek folklore and Roman folklore are practically indistinguishable. This is an acknowledged actuality, as it is broadly realized that the Romans took the Greek fantasies. Be that as it may, it is extremely fascinating to take note of that the folklore of the Vikings (Norse) has numerous likenesses with the Greek legends. These legends are, in no way, shape or form, indistinguishable from the Greek ones (like the Roman ones are), yet there are extremely particular shared traits between the two. I see two potential explanations behind this other than unadulterated fortuitous event. The first has to do with the way that Norse fantasies were systematized during the Viking time: 780 1070. This gives the Norsemen numerous hundreds of years to get presented to the Greek (or Roman) legends. The Vikings traveled as far east as the Caspian ocean, which is further east than both Italy and Greece. The Norse legends were molded after the fall of the Roman realm. During the extension of the Roman realm, the Romans had the option to get right to Britain, which is farther west than the Scandinavian nations where these fantasies began. The Vikings made numerous campaigns into Britain. So it is an extremely sensible idea that the Vikings could have been presented to the narratives of the Greek and Roman divine beings. It is additionally conceivable that the Vikings could have extrapolated portions of the Roman stories into their own. The main two existing essential wellsprings of Norse folklore are the Prose (Elder) Edda, and the Poetic (Younger) Edda. These were expounded on one thousand to 800 years prior separately. The subsequent factor has to do with folklore as an augmentation of the general public that styles it. I consider folklore to be an endeavor by a people to clarify the amazing powers which influence and shape it, that are outside its ability to control, for example, climate, the components, and nature. I likewise consider divine beings to be being characters that have numerous similitudes with the individuals inside the general public. The divine beings and goddesses are ground-breaking creatures able to do super-human forces, however by and by are characters laden with exceptionally human frailties and blemishes. Along these lines they made divine beings that had similitudes with the regular man in the general public. This made the divine beings increasingly unmistakable and simpler to relate to. I feel this was essential since they were not yet at the cultural development level to have a solitary god on an astronomical plane. A large portion of the correlations will look at the likenesses between significant Greek and Norse divine beings, just as animals, stories and explicit images which are included in the legends. A portion of the divine beings don't have direct partners (Thor, Athena and Loki). Nonetheless, I will give potential likenesses inside the individual legends. Asgard is now and again known as Asgarth. It is the domain of the divine beings and the home of both the Aesir and Vanir. Is controlled by Odin, the pioneer of the Norse gods. It is situated in the sky, yet is associated with earth by a scaffold, known as Bifrost, some of the time alluded to as a rainbow. There is additionally a course from Asgard to the black market, the area of Hel. Valhalla, a corridor inside Asgard, was the royal residence for fallen lords, warriors who had kicked the bucket in fight and saints. Mount Olympus was the home of the Greek divine beings. It was picked as their home due to its elevation, for Zeus, the lord of the divine beings, was related with the sky. Inside the folklore, Mt. Olympus was enormous, premonition and of impressive height, yet the genuine Mt. Olympus is minimal in excess of a slope. The examinations among Asgard and Mt. Olympus are many. Both are in the sky or sky. In this sense, these legends are to some degree like understandings of paradise in later religions, which is frequently envisioned as being over the earth. Be that as it may, both Asgard and Mt. Olympus have direct associations with the earth (by means of the extension or up the inclines of the mountain. ) This connectedness to the domain of man is again another case of the required substantial quality of the divine beings by these people groups. Both Asgard and Mt. Olympus were administered by the incomparable divine force of the individual fanciful preeminent divine beings, Odin and Zeus. Odin, from his seat, Hlidskialf, had the option to see the entirety of the nine universes of Norse folklore, while Zeus could likewise observe the entirety of the earth from Mt. Olympus. The two locales were the space of the divine beings, illegal to normal people, in spite of the fact that their occupants frequently left to communicate with the average citizens. Despite the fact that the divine beings didn't in every case live in Asgard or Mt. Olympus, they were the spots for gatherings and committees of the divine beings. Thor is the child of Odin and an individual from the Aesir, the name for the assortment of Norse divine beings. He is the divine force of thunder and the primary adversary of the goliaths. He would crush their heads with his compelling hatchet hammer, Mjolnir. To use this marvelous weapon he required iron gloves and a belt of solidarity. Mjolnir would come back to Thors hand in the wake of being tossed and is emblematic of lightning. Thor was very notable for his brisk and hot temper. This was regularly vented on the monsters, the principle foes of the divine beings. He was principal of the divine beings to the regular man, who might approach him to guarantee fruitfulness, and was generally revered. Sledge molded special necklaces were famous, the mallet being an image of Thor since it was his weapon, and were worn about the neck well into the Christianization of Scandinavia. There are molds from that time which contain both cross and sledge shapes, one next to the other. His name is found in various spot names, and it was his sculpture which was focal in the incredible sanctuary at Uppsala. Our day of the week, Thursday, is named for him. Donar was an early form of Thor among the early Germans. The Anglo-Saxons loved a thunder god named Thunor. There doesnt appear to be an immediate partner to this Norse divine force of thunder. Be that as it may, a few parts of Thor can be found in a portion of the Greek divine beings. The first is the corresponding with Zeus. Zeus is the lord of lightning and thunder. Thor is likewise the divine force of thunder however he isn't the leader of the divine beings. Here and there, however, he was the most significant god to the Norse, as in Thor was the most venerated and enjoyed god. Thor, in this specific situation, could be contrasted with Athena. Athena was the most darling goddess of the Greeks. This is very fascinating as Thor and Athena are altogether different. Thor is fundamentally an animal while Athena is a savvy, key goddess. She is sensible and for the most part considers her activities. Thor for the most part follows up without really thinking. All in all, what does this say about the way of life which picked these two for their top choices? Were simply the Norse savages while the Greeks were progressively cultivated? Were the Norse searching for a shortsighted and indiscreet god, who acted a lot of as they did, while the Greeks were increasingly key? Athena is the little girl of Zeus and Metis. There was a prescience that Metis would bear a youngster equivalent to Zeus in intelligence, so he ate his pregnant spouse, Metis, and unborn little girl. The story goes that, one day Zeus asserted that he had the most exceedingly terrible migraine ever, and requested Hephaestos, the skilled worker god, to part his head open with a hatchet. He did as such and Athena sprang full developed and in defensive layer from his brow. She is savage and bold in fight however just battles to shield the state and home from outside adversaries. She is the goddess of the city, handiworks, and horticulture. She imagined the harness, which allowed man to tame ponies, the trumpet, the flute, the pot, the rake, the furrow, the burden, the boat, and the chariot. She is the encapsulation of shrewdness, reason, and virtue. She was Zeus most loved youngster and was permitted to utilize his weapons including his thunderclap. Her preferred city is Athens. Her tree is the olive. The owl is her feathered creature. She is a virgin goddess. Athena doesn't have an immediate partner in Norse folklore. Be that as it may, she is a significant figure in Greek folklore and can't be overlooked. Athena was the most loved of the Greek divine beings and goddesses, and in this regard can be contrasted with Thor. As Thor had talismans of his sledge made for him, Athena had her similarity put on the staters (coins) of Alexander the Great. On account of her extraordinary knowledge, a correlation can be drawn among her and Odin. Odin likewise had extraordinary intelligence. Notwithstanding, it appears that Athena was held in higher regard than Odin, as Odin was not brought into the world with this incredible astuteness, yet needed to experience numerous errands and stunts to pick up the information. Another closeness among Odin and Athena is the way that both are known for helping humans. Athena helped Odysseus, Perseus, Jason and Herakles. In this equivalent light, Odin is the defender of Sigmund, for instance. Athena was a warrior goddess, as Odin was a warrior god, despite the fact that Athena was a vital figure, and the vast majority of the Norse figures, including Odin, were not known for being specialists. A fascinating distinction among Norse and Greek folklore is exemplified in the fame and significance of Athena, since she is female. Albeit a line in the Poetic Edda expresses that the goddesses were no less significant than the divine beings, in certainty no Norse goddess moved toward the height or ubiquity that Athena had with the Greeks. In the different accounts of Norse folklore, the goddesses, while being referenced, have no significant effect, yet Athena is a central player in numerous Greek legends. Loki is one of the mammoths, the adversaries of the Norse divine beings. He turned into an individual from the Aesir (the divine beings) when Odin made Loki his kindred spirit. He is the divine force of fire, underhandedness, a cheat, and shrewd. Subsequent to causing the demise of Balder, he was limited by the divine beings until the Ragnarok (the last fight or the dusk of the divine beings), at which time, he will be liberated. Loki fathered Fenris, the wolf that is forecasted to execute Odin during Ragnorok; the Midgard Serpent, forecasted to murder Thor in a similar fight; and Hel. Loki doesn't have an undeniable partner in Greek folklore, albeit numerous different societies, for example, North American aboriginals, Oceanic, West African and Chinese have fantasies which include swindlers. There is one Greek god, be that as it may, that is considered to some degree a swindler, albeit absolutely not in a similar way a

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Marketing Qantas

The report examine all the essential data on Qantas Airways Limited required for business and contender knowledge needs and contain an investigation of the major interior and outside elements influencing Qantas Airways as SWOT and PESTEL examination just as a breakdown . What's more, assessment of driving item income floods of Qantas Airways. Information is enhanced with subtleties on Qantas Airways history, key officials and business depiction, area and auxiliaries just as a rundown of items, administrations and the most recent accessible proclamations from Qantas Airways Limited.To embrace the report, essential/subjective (Qantas Web website) and optional/quantitative (Internet diaries, reports and news) information was gathered. The oil advertise is experiencing sensational moves in provincial interest and flexibly balances. In 2012 the impact of OPEC and solid interest from the Brazilian, Russian, Indian, and Chinese (BRIC) economies forestalled a decrease in value (IATA, 2014, p . 12). This can be viewed as a main consideration influencing Qantas International’s gainfulness. With socio political factors in Middle East and North Africa may have low potential effect on the development of aeronautics business.Aviation Industry’s development was constantly connected to innovation. New improvements in this front are gathering pace and will keep on affecting future elements of the business. New patterns in airplane innovation will keep on impacting the conveyance. Avionics Industry keeps on gaining ground in the territory of ecological insurance where new airplane models are intended to reduce outflows and to improve proficiency. On the legitimate front, industry keeps on accomplishing orchestrated lawful system for flight industry. 2. Qantas International â€Important Macro ecological factors2.â 1 Crude Oil PricesAviation fuel process follows drifts in unrefined petroleum costs. One of the most significant macroeconomic components influencing Qa ntas International Operations and gainfulness will be fuel costs. Taking a gander at the most recent budget reports (Fig 2) clearly fuel adds to the costs in an enormous scope. Hence any adjustments in fuel costs are going to influence the primary concern. As referenced in the PEST Analysis in the past segment, unrefined petroleum costs kept up position forestalling a decrease in fuel oil costs. Source: Qantas Group Annual Report 2013Fig. 2 2.2Technology Technology will be one of the significant macroeconomic variables which will be driving Qantas International’s change. Qantas gathering will proceed with its interests in new airplane innovation, client experience innovation, preparing, client support and so forth. Rising innovations like New Distribution capacities (NDC) will change client shopping experience. Innovation will keep on affecting after territories of the business†¢Aircraft Design ( Fuel effective structures, decreased carbon footprint)†¢Customer Exper ience †¢Ground Handling†¢Customer shopping experience Promoting Qantas The report examine all the pivotal data on Qantas Airways Limited required for business and contender insight needs and contain an investigation of the major interior and outer components influencing Qantas Airways as SWOT and PESTEL examination just as a breakdown . What's more, assessment of driving item income floods of Qantas Airways. Information is enhanced with subtleties on Qantas Airways history, key officials and business portrayal, area and auxiliaries just as a rundown of items, administrations and the most recent accessible articulations from Qantas Airways Limited. To embrace the report, essential/subjective (Qantas Web webpage) and optional/quantitative (Internet diaries, reports and news) information was gathered. The oil showcase is experiencing sensational moves in local interest and gracefully balances. In 2012 the impact of OPEC and solid interest from the Brazilian, Russian, Indian, and Chinese (BRIC) economies forestalled a decrease in value (IATA, 2014, p. 12). This can be viewed as a central point influencing Qantas International’s gainfulness. With socio political factors in Middle East and North Africa may have low potential effect on the development of aeronautics business. Avionics Industry’s development was constantly connected to technology.New advancements in this front are gathering pace and will keep on affecting future elements of the business. New patterns in airplane innovation will keep on affecting the conveyance. Aeronautics Industry keeps on gaining ground in the region of natural security where new airplane models are intended to reduce emanations and to improve proficiency. On the legitimate front, industry keeps on accomplishing blended lawful system for flight industry.2.Qantas International â€Important Macro natural factors2.1 Crude Oil PricesAviation fuel process follows slants in unrefined petroleum costs. One of the most significant macroeconomic elements influencing Qantas International Operations and productivity will be fuel costs. Taking a gander at the most recent fiscal reports (Fig 2) clearly fuel adds to the costs in a huge scope. Subsequently any adjustments in fuel costs are going to influence the main concern. As referenced in the PEST Analysis in the past area, unrefined petroleum costs kept up position forestalling a decrease in fuel oil prices.Source: Qantas Group Annual Report 2013Technology will be one of the significant macroeconomic variables which will be driving Qantas International’s change. Qantas gathering will proceed with its interests in new airplane innovation, client experience innovation, preparing, client assistance and so forth. Developing advances like New Distribution abilities (NDC) will change client shopping experience. Innovation will keep on affecting after territories of the business†¢Aircraft Design ( Fuel productive plans, diminished carbon impression) †¢Customer Experience †¢Ground Handling †¢Customer shop ping experience

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10+ Indispensable Tools To Run Your Business Online

10+ Indispensable Tools To Run Your Business Online Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!10+ Indispensable Tools To Run Your Business OnlineUpdated On 23/04/2017Author : Ron davisTopic : BusinessShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogIf you are going to run a business online, it is probable that you have to circulate the workforce around the world. Running a successful online business needs variety of tools and applications to get your work finished on time.These 11 following tools mentioned here are mostly recommended for every online business owner for better effectiveness and productivity…..Companies like Salesforce also help companies manage their online presence with their different tools.1. InvoiceraMost of the business needs some tools of invoicing system to invoice their clients and are you looking for the best invoice software, my recommendation is Invoicera. It assists you to handle invoices of clients, track time of employees, projects, salary and even it will manage your accounts effectively.2. Zoho ProjectsIt is consider to be more advanced than using Base camp, it offers a set of tools that your business needs like mail, docs, writer, accounts, calendar, tracker, CRM, invoice etc., in different attractive plans.3. YammerIt is a free private social network site to connect and engage with co-workers. Yammer is easy to use like Facebook and Twitter build from the ground up to drive business objectives.Key features â€" Enterprise Micro blogging Create Groups Upload and share files, likes, images etc., High security and privacy Create external network with other companies4. SkypeI think you don’t need any intro for this product as you well aware of usage of this tool. Skype make audio and video calls for free while you are in computer so helping and engaging with co-workers becomes easy and also it saves a lot of money in phone bills.5. Google ToolsThe search giant has a variety of tools helpf ul for business owners for free of cost. Applications like Google docs, spread sheet, forms, Gmail, Gtalk, Google buzz, Calendar, G+ hangouts etc., especially G+ hangouts is very useful to make multi-user video chat with your friends and co-workers, you can also live stream the hangouts directly to YouTube.6. PingdomAn excellent tool to monitor your business site uptime and performance. Get instant downtime alerts, response time reports, multiple check locations, uptime reports as email, SMS and Twitter alerts etc.,READGroup Conferencing - Save Your Legs and Your Travel Costs7. BasecampBasecamp is the most popular project management applications and one of the top choice for entrepreneurs and small business organization. It has a vast features and GUI makes users to work easy.8. HipchatHipchat is an awesome private secure group messaging service with SSL certification. It run on multiple platforms such as available for desktop, web apps and Smart phones (iPhone, Android).Why I need this tool ?Group chat room available-Drag and drop file sharing facility-Chat is transferred in 256 bit SSL encryption, so it is highly safe and secure.-Instant notification via email or SMS-Add @mentions like you have in Twitter and facebook.-Video and voice chat9. Social Network sites It is a must for every business at present; you can’t get success only by using search engine. Choose the right social sites for your business; not all the social sites are same because each are different from each other. Best tool to my knowledge is, use facebook for engagement and twitter for monitoring your business.10. Mozy Backup ToolThere are many sites that provide backup solutions but Mozy back up is the most trusted name in the business. Your backup will b e automated and stored in high secure server in different part of the world, so if you are looking for a backup solution, try Mozy.  11. Mail Chimp  (Email Marketing)One of the most trusted brand by millions of people all over the worl d. It help you to design beautiful newsletter templates that can be integrate with the service you use, track the results and share it in social media sites. The cost is very affordable, it allows you to send 12k mails/month with 2k subscribers for free, if your needs are high then choose the right plans for your business.Hope the list compiled here is more than enough for running your business online, if you have anything better than this; share your list via comments.

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The Dangers Of Global Warming - 1801 Words

ROBERT MORRIS UNIVERSITY Global Warming Professor Sadler Brandon Dinh 3/6/2015 There is one main problem every human is facing today. The worst part is, the humans are the ones causing the problem. Global warming is a main concern that is affecting both humans and animals today, and is a cause for concern for the safety of the futures generations. Global warming is considered to be the gradual increase in temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. There have been examples of the negative consequences demonstrated by the issue of global warming already. People may not know how this issue is already affecting them today, but it is. There are many factors that are responsible for the cause of global warming. There are also many inventions and innovations made to fight against global warming. Being aware of how global warming is caused, what the consequences of global warming are, and how to prevent global warming, can really help save the environment and make Earth a safer place. The biggest debate when it comes to global warming is whether it is caused naturally, or by human activities. The answer is both are correct, and both are responsible for the overall increase of the Earth’s temperature. The natural causes of global warming are the factors that occur in the atmosphere and nature that are considered uncontrollable. The sun’s energy affecting on the Earth is an example of a natural cause. The more energy the sun gives off on the Earth’s atmosphere,Show MoreRelatedThe Dangers Of Global Warming914 Words   |  4 PagesThese days, dangers of global warming, pollution, and landfills are well documented, but not a lot is being done to stop these issues. Problems such as resource depletion, global warming, pollution, extinction, toxic waste in rivers (like the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf Coast), and fracking all pose serious threats to our environment. However, no sure-fire solutions have been introduced to society, so these problems seem only to get worse as time goes on. Serious consequences such as healt h issues,Read MorePros and Cons of Global Warming Essay838 Words   |  4 Pageswe stop Global warming? The world is changing because of Global warming. People living on earth are responsible for global warming. Global Warming is a big change in climate caused by Pollution (Global Warming). To stop global warming we should stop polluting the air and water also growing trees is a very good way to stop global warming because global warming changes the temperature however, trees can balance the temperature by keeping the temperature cold. We must stop Global warming because globalRead MoreThe Everglades And Global Warming1745 Words   |  7 PagesThe Everglades and Global warming Richard Hamilton BSC2010 Broward College The Everglades and Global warming Introduction The Everglades mainly found in the United States of America (USA) is a 2 million acre of wetland ecosystem that stretches from the Central of Florida near to Orlando to the Bay of Florida in the south. During rainy seasons, Lake Okeechobee experience upsurge in water volumes causing it to discharge the waters into the â€Å"river of grass† that characterize with shallowRead More Global Warming Essay508 Words   |  3 PagesGlobal Warming   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In the February 1st edition of the New York Times, journalist Andrew C. Revkin discusses the rising threat of global warming, and more importantly, the disagreement between various nations and institutions upon the definition of â€Å"dangerously high global warming.† Revkin’s article, titled â€Å"Deciding How Much Global Warming Is Too Much,† brings to light the various failed attempts at creating a barrier at which industrialized countries (the main producers of the greenhouse gassesRead MoreGlobal Warming : Causes And Impacts1716 Words   |  7 PagesGlobal Warming Global warming is the ever growing tension and a controversial issue that is debated widely for the past few years. There are many critics and disbelievers still present in the politics and science field , who do not think that this issue is increasing at such a large scale. It may be due to the lack of evidences in this field, that resulted into this thought that it is the natural process that is evolving on this planet in cycles. In this present era the existence of global warmingRead MoreGlobal Warming And Its Effects1397 Words   |  6 PagesGlobal Warming human caused Intro- Imagine a life where polar bears in the Artic are extinct. Cities along the coast no longer exist from the ocean rising and covering it. Heat waves and floods are much more common. All of these things are predicted to happen in the future due to global warming. Whether humans cause global warming or if it is natural has been at debate for a long time. Background- Many people might ask what is global warming exactly. In the article â€Å"What is Global Warming†Read More Global Warming Essay1090 Words   |  5 PagesGlobal Warming   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  We should all be very concerned about our future on Earth as human beings. We may not be at such an immediate risk of burning to death, but our future descendants are. Every year, the overall temperature has gone up slowly. Eventually Earth will be too hot to live on, and the human race will become extinct! The best way to save our future is to start now. Americans should be conscientious of global warming and should watch their CO2 emissions because increasing CO2 concentrationsRead MoreGlobal Warming: The Greenhouse Effect and Our Response Essay example501 Words   |  3 PagesGlobal warming (the greenhouse effect) is the increase in the temperature of Earths weather which has become popular to many people as one of the most important danger in the universe. Discussions about causes, solutions, postive and negative effects have made by human-beings. One of the first subject people learned is that there are several causes of global warming. However, one of the most effective reason is Carbondioxide gas which most come from the combustion of fossil fuels and forestsRead MoreGlobal Warming Essay1570 Words   |  7 Pages Global warming extremists want us to believe that as global temperatures rise, so do chances of complete extinction of entire species. Natural disasters will become more common, whole continents could one day be under water, and death rates could be at an all time high. This may seem like a bad science fiction novel, but in some ways they might actually be right. At the very least global warming can and will effect humans living in nearly every region. From those living on the coast, to those livingRead MoreEssay on The Effects of Global Warming656 Words   |  3 PagesGlobal Warming is a condition caused by greenhouse gases and human activities. The increased concentration of greenhouse gases due to activities such as deforestation and fossil fuel burning is causing the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans to warm up. As a result of this, global warming has some serious effects in the shape of extreme weather, species extinctions, and rising sea levels. These effects can contribute to the changes that are taking place all over the world, most of which are dangerous enough

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Essay about The Demand for Technology in Higher Education

The Demand for Technology in Higher Education Abstract Students of the Millennial Generation expect technology in their future. Their upbringing, which included using computers, PDA’s, cell phones, and other technologies, have reinforced Millennial students’ demand to see technology incorporated in many different respects, including higher education. Millennial students insist that colleges become technologically advanced institutions where teaching is interwoven with technology. In the past decade, colleges have sought to upgrade, implement, and integrate as much technology as possible to not only stimulate Millennial students’ desire to learn, but to train Millennial students for the future workforce. Additionally, colleges†¦show more content†¦The Chronicle of Higher Education provided specific examples of the differences that colleges are striving for in terms of utilizing the technological advancements of today. While one institution may be upgrading networks and requiring laptops, another insti tution may be upgrading classrooms and utilizing programs like Microsoft PowerPoint to teach. As a collegiate student of the Millennial Generation who attends a very technologically oriented school, I discovered that my technological expectations for college were fulfilled, but many other colleges differ on how to integrate technology into a student’s education. I can not imagine myself at another college with different perspectives on technology. However, while each college differs in it approach to technology, I found the same is true for every college†¦students of the Millennial Generation, including myself, are demanding the upgrade, implementation, and integration of technology in the educational setting and are leading the way for change within institutions of higher education. Personal computers are found in many households; laptop and desktop computers are found in every office cubicle. PDA’s and sub-notebooks line theShow MoreRelatedLabor Demand And Labor Supply856 Words   |  4 Pagesand labor demand is derived. This relationship is important because wages are a huge influence for the people choosing a career. Although important in the decision process, wages are not the only thing that workers look at. If wages were the only factor then workers would gravitate to the careers with higher wages until equilibrium is met. Other factors in choosing a career include riskiness, preference, education and future events. This paper is intended to explain how wages, labor demand and laborRead MoreThe Right And Craving Changes For A Better Life1641 Words   |  7 PagesThe world has been changing dramatically due to an increase in technology and humans are now living in the information technology century. Thanks to technology, the living standar d of most humans especially in western countries and emerging economies have been improved. However, changes may lead to problems. Therefore, changes in the surrounding environment lead to changes in human’s life, behaviour, and mind, which lead to some critical problems as social and demographic changes result in more educatedRead MoreEssay On Computer Technology1000 Words   |  4 PagesComputer technology is one of the key drivers in the twenty first century. The technology has led to new business models and new types of businesses. Higher education institutes are now spending million to implement computer technology projects like institute management, campus management, student management etc. computer technologies could save higher education institutes millions of dollars. Computer technology is the design and construction of computers to better help people at work, school, homeRead MoreUsing Technology For Academic Success1192 Words   |  5 PagesUsing Technology to Increase Academic Success Michael D. Calabrese COLL 100 American Military University Professor Jennifer Gordonâ€Æ' Using Technology to Increase Academic Success This essay will talk about how in today’s modern world we can use technology to increase the academic success of a student. Along with that, we will cover the different types of devices used today, the World Wide Web and its search engines, how technology is used in school and what are its downfalls, and how technology benefitsRead MoreNeed For Qualified Physical Therapist For Rehabilitation Essay1606 Words   |  7 Pagesthere will be an need for qualified physical therapist for rehabilitation. The future of our economy could result in consequence of high unemployment, reduced incomes, and low economic activity. This result can force families to discontinue education. In addition this will reduce economic opportunities for people and their families. An increase in unemployment rate, this will create problems to most individuals and their families. In likelihood an economic downward spiral, children that grewRead MoreHigh Education : A Education System Of Public Higher Education945 Words   |  4 Pagesgenerations do not have open access to higher education? Despite California’s decreasing state budget, the purpose of enforcing higher education is to have job stability in the future, assign educated policymakers to take over the state’s affairs, and meet the demands of the labor market. Higher education in California has been demoted into the â€Å"California is financially unable to provide enough support† category. This is absolutely unacceptable-without education there will be an increase in unemploymentRead MorePositive And Negative Effects On The Area Of Education858 Words   |  4 PagesThe Positive and Negative Effects of Globalisation in the Area of Education in the World Today It is universally believed that globalisation has transformed the world into a small village. The world has become increasingly interacted economically, culturally and educationally. According to Zhao (2003, cited in Conroy, 2008, p.1) globalisation is defined as â€Å"the increasing integration of world economies through trade and financial transactions, involving movements of goods, people, and money acrossRead MoreThe Importance Of Institutions And Causes Of Long Run Performance Essay1429 Words   |  6 PagesLabour and Technology. Growth of the economy can be measured in several ways. One of the most common ways is by measuring the changes in GDP of the country. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the total value of goods and services produced in a country. As per Mankiw (2003), the long-run determinants of GDP are the factors of production, which are capital, labour and technology. The correlation is such that GDP grows when the factors of production increase or when the available technology improves.Read MoreCareer And Technical School System891 Words   |  4 Pagessee that career and technical schools are very technology driven. Career and technical schools are educational facilities that allow students to explore a specific career or field that they are interested in. They offer approximately sixteen different career and technical choices and over 70 different sub-careers ranging from Education and Training, Government and Public Administration, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Finance, Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to TransportationRead MoreDemand Versus Supply Essay1232 Words   |  5 PagesDemand Versus Supply of Registered Nurses HCS/552 March 19, 2012 Jayme Carrico Demand Versus Supply of Registered Nurses Demand versus supply in the United States continues to be an issue with increasing shortages of registered nurses (RN) and the increasing demand for health care services. There is a higher demand for registered nurses because of the increase in population, aging baby boomers, and increase in chronic diseases. The shortage of registered nurses impacts

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Describing a System of Knowledge - 1447 Words

Any idea which is not conceived using fundamentally sound principles is going to be filled with layers and sub-layers of inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and half-truths. As those same misleading, ideas are used to create others, the system of small logical flaws compounds, multiplies, and creates wide variances between the provable facts and clear fallacies. A foundational group of irrefutable truths must be created in order to facilitate the development of truly accurate, consistent, and fulfilling ideas in the world of knowledge. Without such a group, the only conceivable truths would be those that can always be disproven via conjecture or hypocritical skepticism. This concept of snowballing inaccuracies is the driving force behind Rene†¦show more content†¦These concerns are what the meditations are attempting to address and eliminate from the human understanding of knowledge. A system of this nature actively rules out all things that rely on human perception and the falli ble preconceived ideas. All memories, photographs, and oral knowledge must be removed due to their dependence on perception. Human senses must be distrusted because they are easily fooled by skeptical arguments such as the Dream Hypothesis that prove that the entirety of the human existence could be attributed to a simple hallucination or a dream of one man (Descartes 352). In this case the entirety of history, math, and other accounts that depend on human experiences are ruled out as possibilities for ideas that can be allowed into the system for irrefutable knowledge. Removing these notions from the selective pool of possible foundations leaves very little left for consideration and leads to the proposal of the first candidate within the new system. An idea that Descartes believes can escape the criticism on skeptics is the notion that he exists for as long as he is thinking (Descartes 355). By this he means as long as any thought can be processed and he can conceive of ideas than he exists as a thinking thing. Further he specifies that none of the physical components of the reality interact withShow MoreRelatedDatabase Processing Ch 1 and Part of Ch 21432 Words   |  6 Pagesmost commonly used type of database? - The  relational database is the most commonly used type of database. 1.7 Define  the terms data and information. Explain how the two terms differ. - Data are facts and figures. Information is defined as knowledge derived from data, or as data  presented in a meaningful context.  Data  is simply recorded in the database, but the data must be manipulated in some  way to produce information. 1.12 What is the purpose of the largest databases  used by e-commerceRead MoreI Agree With Reservations With The Title1586 Words   |  7 Pagesrepresenting an idea or concept within an area of knowledge. The word transform will be defined as having a great impact the ‘world’. Not to be confused with ‘change’, here, transforming considers a degree of innovation, whilst ‘change’ highlights a minor shift. The word seek is key, and will represent the idea that within the Area of Knowledge, there can be the active intent to transform or describe. One event can be interpreted as both transforming and describing, due to the room for subjective judgementRead MoreDesigning A Strategy For Increas Ing Riboflavin Production1591 Words   |  7 PagesMotivation: The objective of this set of practicals is to emulate the creation of a model describing riboflavin biosynthesis in Bacillus subtilis able to support the development of a strategy for increas-ing riboflavin production. Results: In this practical series, we walked through the practice of conceptualising a problem and experienced some software for pre-existing network exploration in order to obtain information to solve it. This process led to the realisation of an ER model with high levelRead MoreSyllabus1484 Words   |  6 Pagesbe developed in 64 hours divided into 4 hours per week. The total of weeks will be 16. Week 1 Unit 1: Hospital Environment I Topics | * Introduction to the ESP course. * Introducing yourself and other people. | Language Skills and Knowledge | Listening: Listening about how people get to know each other.Speaking: Introducing Yourself amp; other People.Reading: Different types of introducing people.Writing: Complete an application with your information. Grammar: Verb to be with. YesRead MoreA Brief Look at Climate Change669 Words   |  3 PagesThe global climate system is complex and its response to future anthropogenic greenhouse gases and to climate change adaptation, is often poorly understood. Climate change is an area where modeling in the framework of complex adaptive systems can improve our knowledge both with respect to the internal structure and adaptive mechanisms of climate and our capacity for designing efficient climate adaptation policies. Modeling of these systems includes a dynamic system consisting of transition equationsRead MoreContent Analysis Is A System For Condensing Text Into Categories Based On An Organization Of Rules1444 Words   |  6 Pages Content analysis is a system for condensing text into categories based on an organization of rules. The domain of textual analysis confines content analysis. We can apply these concepts to other media. When using content analysis, the goal is to build a model to describe the occurrences in a theoretical form. The three phases, which constitute content analysis include preparing, organizing, and reporting. I will be using inductive content analysis because there are few previous studies, whichRead MoreArticle Analysis: Sociology of Educational Late Blooming Essay703 Words   |  3 PagesSummary Sociology of educational late blooming, an article published in Sociological Forum and written by Jack Levin and William C. Levin, looks at the timelines of common lifetime milestones and their importance in various cultures. Describing time and scheduling as an important social dimension, the authors explain the subject of timeline scheduling within a context of societal norms(J. Levin W. C. Levin, 1991, p. 661). Milestones in terms of â€Å"proper† chronological age and the order of attainmentRead MoreGrapes of Wrath - Chapter 25 Analysis1462 Words   |  6 Pagesthe state up to be a nurturing, pregnant mother. In (paragraph 3), Steinbeck starts to describe the type of men who work on the nurturing mother that is California. Steinbeck uses polysyndeton when describing these men show all wonderful qualities they possess, such as understanding and knowledge and skill showing how highly Steinbeck regards these men; arguing that the men are of the highest order of human beings He then uses asyndeton to show the countless amount of plagues that the mensRead MoreFood Safety: Cube-Sized Foods for Space Flights Essay911 Words   |  4 Pages HACCP is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product (FDA, 2014). In 1959, Pillsbury Company joined NASA as contractor and began working on cube-sized foods for space flights (Sperber, 2009). There were problems producing foods that would not deteriorate in space and provide the necessaryRead MoreThe Importance Of Education1067 Words   |  5 PagesEducation may be perceived as just knowledge in a classroom; however, it is a tool that saves society from ignorance. The nineteenth century was a time of industrial reform and educational reform; as agriculture was no longer the family’s primary focus, children were able to attend school to have a better opportunity at life. Mark Twain’s social commentary A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court utilizes the satire of King Arthur’s people and Hank Morgan’s ironic wisdom to demonstrate that education

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Human Resource Management Journal of Business and Management

Question: Describe about the Human Resource Management for the Journal of Business and Management. Answer: Job description and job specification A general and broad written statement which is based on job analysis is called job description. It generally consists of purpose, duties, scope, responsibilities. It forms the bases of the job specification (Ziegler,Hagen, Diehl,2012). The statement of the employee qualification and characteristic which is required for the performance of tasks and duties comprising a specific function or job is called job specification (Han, 2008). My current job description is as follows: Implement, develop and plan all the strategy which are required for HR development and management (which includes selection and recruitment policy, counselling, development and training, performance appraisals, quality management, motivation, and morale, etc.) Starting and maintaining the required system which helps in measuring the important aspects of Human Resource development. The measure, monitor and report all the HR issues, development plans, achievements and opportunities which should in agreed format and within the required time. Develop and manage the staff which reports directly. Control and manage the expenditure of the department and maintain it within the agreed budget limit. Coordinate with other departmental/functional managers so that the need of HR development and the necessary aspects of HR department are understood and ensuring that the other departmental managers are fully aware of the HR purpose, achievements and objectives. Maintain knowledge and awareness of HR methods and theory and provide appropriate interpretation to managers, staff and directors within the institution. Contribute towards the evalution and development of HR performance and strategy with the support of the executive team. Ensure that the activities meet the organisational requirement of quality management, legal stipulations, safety and health, environmental policies. According to the job specification, my job designation is that of an assistant manager (HR department). I have to deal with more duties than I initially signed on for. I hesitate to ask my manager about the same. Because of the extra duties, I have being given my duties have accumulated into an unmanageable mess. I am not given any extra pay for the extra duties that are performed by me and due to my workload, it becomes difficult for me to perform the task mentioned in by job description efficiently. Transparency in the process of dismissal of an employee A colleague of mine was dismissed from his job, and the reasons given by the management for this dismissal was continually missing work, poor discipline, incapability to perform his work and illness. If an employer dismisses his employee, it means that the person has broken the terms of the employment. The employer should follow a fair disciplinary process before they decide to dismiss their employee for their misconduct (Probst Estrada, 2010). One of the reasons given by the management for his dismissal was incapability to perform his work. The management believed that he was not capable enough in performing his task. He does not have the required technological knowledge that is required in his job and because of his persistent illness, it was becoming impossible for him to perform his job efficiently. Steps were taken to provide adequate training to him so that he could match the technological requirement for his job. Because of his poor performance many warnings were given to him so that he could improve the quality of his work and perform his work satisfactorily. He was given enough time and chance so that he could improve his work. Since my friend was suffering from long- term sickness, the management decided to look at the various alternatives before making the decision to dismiss him. The managers decided to give him reasonable time to recover and the amount of actual time given to him was based on the following factors like time required in recovering from illness, how definite it is that he will recover, how easy it will be to get cover for his job and whether the job performed by him can be kept open. The process followed by the company for the dismissal of one of my colleague was substantively justified and was conducted in procedurally fair manner. He was given his outstanding wages, holiday pay and all the other entitlement which was mentioned in his employment contract. Separate training was given to him so that he could develop the technological knowledge which is required by him to perform his work efficiently. Enough time was given to him so that he could recover from his long- term illness. Therefore the process followed by the management for the dismissal of my friend was fair and transparent. Performance Appraisal Systematic assessment of an individual is known as performance appraisals. For the overall development of the organisation and that of the employees, the tool of performance appraisals is used (Abbas, 2014). The performance of an employee is measured by issues like knowledge of the job, quality of output, quantity, leadership abilities, Initiative, supervision, cooperation, dependability, judgment, health, and versatility. The assessment of an employee should be based on his past and potential performance. Performance appraisal is used for promotions, confirmations, development and training, review on Compensation, competency building, improving communication, evaluating the HR Programs, grievances feedbacks.. The process of performance appraisal includes definition of appraisal, Job expectations and job establishment, designing a program for appraisal, performance appraisal, performance interviews, using facts for appropriate purposes, identifying the opportunities , using physical processes, social processes, computer and assistance. Methods of Performance Appraisals: Various methods have been used to measure the quantity and quality of performance appraisals (Clancy, 2007). The technique that is used in my organisation for performance appraisal is management by objective. Management by Objectives: Under this process, the performance of an individual is rated according to the achievement of the objectives which are described by the management (Tegegne, 2013). This method of performance appraisal is result oriented. This means that the employee performance is measured by examining the extent to which they can perform their predetermined work objective. The objectives are established jointly by the subordinate and the supervisor. Once the objectives are established the employees are required to self-assess themselves and find out their strength and weaknesses. The employees are expected to monitor their own progress and development. The process of management by objectives is, firstly, the goals and the desired objectives of each subordinate are established. Then management sets the performance standards. After setting up the performance standard, Comparison between the actual goals of the employee with the goals attained by the employee is made. After comparison between the actua l goals and the attain goals of the employees, new strategies and goals for the goals which are not achieved in the past are made. Based on this process the ranking is given to the employee, and their appraisal is decided This method of performance appraisal concentrates on the actual outcome. If an employee meets the set objectives than he has demonstrated an acceptable level of job performance. In this process, the employee is judged according to their real outcome. The advantage of using this method of performance appraisal is that direct results can be observed. This method also has many disadvantages also as it can lead to unrealistic expectation from the employees which cannot be reasonably accomplished. The subordinates and the supervisors are required to have very good reality checking skills which are very difficult to be attained by them. This method also causes rigidity in the organisation, and it results in the lack of flexibility in the organisation. This method is more useful for the managerial position (Yu, 2008). This method of performance appraisal is not applicable for all the jobs. The process of performance appraisals helps to regularly review the performance of the employee within the organisation. Many employees are not happy with the method of performance appraisal used in the organisation because the process used in a performance appraisal can be biased very easily. Cultural diversification in an organisation Culture means shared traditions, customs, beliefs, history, and institutions of a group of people. Culture is a system based on what we actually are, and it affects the way in which we behave with the people of different groups and culture (Winch, 2015). It is shared among the people of same language, ethnicity, religion and language. Every organisation has a "culture" of procedures, policies, processes and programs, and they incorporate in themselves certain beliefs, values, customs, and assumptions. An organisation which is culturally competent they bring together knowledge based on different groups of people and then it transforms it into policies, standards, and practices which help in fulfilling the objectives of the organization. The diversity in the workplace can be managed by encouraging the staff to participate and contribute towards the goal of the organisation, Managing, Aggressively looking for and capitalising on the benefits of developing a diverse workforce and by Ensuring the requirements of all the legal obligations like safety and equal opportunities in employment. The model which is followed in my organisation is as follows: Valuing diversity-My organisation respect and accept the difference within and between different culture. Conducting cultural self- assessment- regular surveys and discussion are held in my organisation which helps the employees to understand each other culture. The process of self -assessment is a continuing process. Understanding the dynamics of different culture backgrounds Institutionalising cultural knowledge-The knowledge gained is then integrated into every facet of the organisation. Training is provided to the staff so that the knowledge gained is effectively utilised. Adapting to diversity-All the cultures are valued and respected in our organisation which helps to achieve the ultimate goal of the organisation. An employee working in an organisation must have knowledge about the different cultures and ethnic groups and should know about their beliefs, history, values, and behaviour. They should be open towards all the cultural attitudes. Cultural sensitivity exists in every organisation, and it occurs especially if any belief or custom goes against the idea of multiculturalism. Conflicts occurring due to cultural sensitivity could be easily handled if all the employees of the organisation are aware of the goals of the organisation. There are many benefits of building an organisation cultural competence like it helps to increase respect and understanding among the employees, increase the creativity which helps in problem- solving, increases participation, increases trust and cooperation and promotes equality and inclusion. A committee is formed in our organisation which acts as a governing body to plan, implement and evaluate the organisation cultural competence. Today the workplace is becoming vast rapidly with the expansion of business environment which include in itself various geographical locations and various cultures. Communication is a basic tool to build cultural competence in an organisation. So it sometimes becomes difficult to communicate with the people of the different culture properly. To communicate properly with the employees of different culture, I try to learn to read different nonverbal behaviours (Kyounghee Oh, 2007). I always respect the names of my colleagues and never disrespect the names of my colleagues. I try to listen to what others want to say and not what I want to hear. I always try to adapt the communication styles to fit every situation. Acceptance and appreciation are very essential to develop the effective working relationship. I try to maintain courtesy and respect of the employees who come from different culture. I do not behave differently with the employees of the different culture because I understand t he importance of cultural competence and know that the ultimate goal of the organisation can only be achieved when all the people working in the organisation respect each other culture and work together towards the achievement of the goals of the organisation. Workplace accidents The Accident is defined as any unplanned event which interrupts the completion of the work and it may or may not include injury to the employee. Falls and slips are very common types of accidents related to the workplace. Falls and slips account for over 25 percent of the workplace injuries according to the NSC (National safety council) which means the compensation claims filed every year for such incidents are more than a million workers claims. A lot of the fall and slip injuries causes soft tissue injuries which include small gashes, minor burn, sprained tendons, etc. But many of the slips and falls injuries also causes very serious injuries like hard injuries which includes fractures,head trauma, deep gashes, etc. All the employers are required to follow the regulation of OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Administration).These regulations describes the safety measures which are required to be followed by the organisation. All the employer who does not follow OSHA requirements may have to incur huge fines and, in some cases, imprisonment. (Tsuda et al., 2011) Whenever any accident take place in an organisation the roots cause for the same should be investigated so that required steps can be taken to avoid the accident to take place again. The investigation of the accident should be done by someone who has experience in accident causation, investigative technique and has full knowledge of the work processes, persons, etc. Reasons to investigate a workplace accident include the following: Finding the causes of the accident so that similar accident can be prevented in the future, fulfilling the entire legal requirement, determining the cost of the accident, determining whether the applicable safety regulations are compiled and in processing workers compensation claim. The steps involved in the investigation process are: The designated person should be reported about the occurrence of the accident. Medical care and first aid should be made available to the injured person. Investigation the accident. Identifying the causes which may include the following: Spilled liquids, cracked, uneven or torn flooring, non-existent or inadequate signs of warning, holes in the floor, poor lightning , uneven stairs, cables, unexpected, elevator stops abruptly etc. Report the finding Developing the plan for corrective action which includes developing a good housekeeping practice, reducing wet and slippery surfaces, avoiding obstacles in walkways and aisles, proper lighting is maintained, proper shoes are worn by the employees. Taking steps to implement the plan. Evaluating the effectiveness of the corrective plan Making changes for continuous improvement. The employee injured in this accident has the right to claims compensation for the same. For claiming the compensation no eligibility is required the injury caused to the employee is in itself a sufficient proof for the same. The benefits that are given to the employee normally include therapy and medical bills, other expenses and two-third of the lost wages during recovery and treatment. The employee has the right to claim the compensation but it the injury is caused due to the employees fault and if the fault is entirely his than the workers compensation law can deny the compensation. Each case is different but if the worker does it purposely than the law can deny the employee the amount of compensation. Therefore it is very necessary to study the actual reason behind the injury caused to the employee. References Abbas, M. (2014). Effectiveness of performance appraisal on performance of employees.IOSR Journal Of Business And Management,16(6), 173-178. Clancy, C. (2007). The Performance of Performance Measurement.Health Services Research,42(5), 1797-1801. Deferred Incentive Pay Plan for Key Employees. (2013).Compensation Benefits Review,45(2), 121-121. 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